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How do I begin?

Taking a trial lesson. In it, I can assess not only your level of Spanish, but it will also serve to introduce ourselves, define the type of classes that are more appropriate for your needs and define your goals. Once the trial lesson is finished, you can decide if you want to buy a class package with me. To book a trial lesson, click here.


How does the trial lesson work?

The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and has a symbolic value of 1€. It will allow you to know us and set a study plan according to your interests/goals. Once the payment is made, a notification will arrive and I will contact you via email to arrange a schedule. During this half hour, we will talk and do brief exercises to assess your level, as well as the method that best suits you to make your learning effective. Do you want to try a trial lesson?, click here.


How do the classes work?

Classes are via skype or google hangouts. You must install skype in case you prefer this program and do not have it. Download Skype here.

The main purpose of taking Selasor Spanish courses, is that you can learn in a way that is useful and meaningful to you. I insist on this point, since learning in general, and in particular the learning of a language, has much to do with our personal interests. It will be more motivating for you, if your practice and learning is related to an area that you are passionate about or if it is related to your working field. That is why classes, despite having a grammatical framework that does not vary, they are fully customized according to each student, in order to make you feel safe when using a new language. The same is applied in the case of wanting to deepen a specific area of ​​the language: improve your speaking, writing, pronunciation, etc.

In each class, we will develop multiple skills through using different tools. For example Documents shared simultaneously during class, real-time interaction, videos, exercises, games, etc.

Usually, the reading and writing materials will be for homework, so you can reinforce the topics seen during the class. And it will be up to you if you decide to have homework, depending on your goals. Are you ready for a trial lesson? Click here.


How long will it take to level up?

Your progress will depend on your dedication. Of course there are a number of factors that will determine your learning, and that varies in each person. Our recommendation is to take regular classes twice a week and devote personal study time in addition to the regular lessons to level up in an estimated time of 3 months.


What is the advantage of online classes?

Virtual classes have the advantage of being very flexible and versatile! The student will manage their time in the way that is most convenient and / or productive: you can take the classes either if you are in your office, at some free time in the university or at home. As well as if you are traveling. The risk of being late for class decreases considerably, and whenever you have a problem and notify me within 24 hours we can change a session that you can not attend (please, read terms and conditions)


What methodology do you occupy?

The main focus of the classes is talking. All additional material intended to optimize student´s learning and participation in classes, will be sent via email before or after a session, at the teacher’s discretion. Each class is created and designed so that the student can participate actively, therefore, vocabulary, grammar, communication skills (oral or written) will be strengthened through the use of resources before, during and after the class.


Do courses expire?

Yes. They have an expiration date of 6 months after they have been purchased.


What happens if I can not attend a session?

In any event, you have a period of 24 hours to be able to reassign your session. Check here for more information.


Will I receive material during the course?

Yes! In each session there will be material to work within the class, and if you choose to have additional homework we can also provide the material for it. We do not work with a specific text (if you have one that you want to use, we can talk about it) but so each material is designed according to the goals and needs of each student. We will use additional tools focused on your interests, such as videos, series, audios, images, articles, news, games, etc. so your learning is totally personalized.

If I do not have PayPal account, how can I pay?

Do the normal payment process. When you reach the payment option with PayPal, click on “Buy with Credit Card” at the bottom of the page and fill in the details of your card.


If you have any other enquiry, please, do not hesitate to contact me.