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Tailored private online lessons | Via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Clear and simple explanations applied to real life situations:

Less is more! Each course aims at meaningful and effective learning, based on the use of examples adapted to your motivations and needs, but always thinking of the simplest way to achieve your goals. Through role play, examples, and everyday life situations you will learn how to express yourself in a clear and concise manner so that others can understand your ideas better.

Customized material & didactic tools:

All the material created is based on an experiential approach. My objective is to develop linguistic and communicative competences in a progressive and autonomous manner to achieve your goals through different activities with a level of difficulty adapted to your real possibilities.

Dynamic lessons:

Classes in real time, in which the main focus will be talking and simultaneously the reproduction of multimedia elements, documents, notes, examples of daily life, games, etc. 100% custom made.

Personalized courses to satisfy your needs and interest

From beginner to advanced level. 

Speak Spanish from the first lesson!

Spanish for business:

You will learn how to communicate effectively in Spanish in professional contexts: expanding your vocabulary, learning terminology and skills that you can apply to business negotiations, writing reports, emails or professional presentations. Improve your oral and written expression in Spanish through didactic and interactive methods that you can apply in your workplace, for doing business or if you want to achieve greater intercultural understanding in different contexts through the tools and supporting documents customized to your goals and needs.

Spanish for traveling:

Thinking about coming to Latin America? Are you traveling for pleasure? Or maybe you’ve decided to relocate yourself for a season due to business, studying or backpacking? Do you travel by plane, bus, train or hitchhiking? In this section you will develop the necessary skills to apply the Spanish to the different contexts of the countries you visit, to manage it properly in different situations: from making travel and accommodation arrangements, to learning a second language and building awareness… And the best of it: you can take classes while you are traveling 😉

Specific purposes:

This course is designed to adapt to the specific personal or professional reasons of each student, as well as to those areas of the Spanish in which the student wants to deepen, practice or reinforce. Do you need to improve your pronunciation? Do you want to learn Spanish through TV series? Should you write a scientific paper? Let me know! Once your interests and objectives have been established, we will prepare a personalized plan to achieve them.

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Group conversation:

Improve your Spanish through talking groups that you can create with colleagues or friends who are in the same level and area of interest. Max 4 people.

Lessons for enterprises:

Tailored Spanish lessons for organizations that need to improve their employee’s Spanish skills for specific purposes.  

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