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Natalia Rosales

Founder and teacher of selasorspanish.com

I am Natalia Rosales, your on-line Spanish teacher. I was born in Santiago de Chile, although my endless curiosity and sense of risk have always determined my life to be in constant movement: I love to travel almost as much as I need to breathe. As a result, language learning has been fundamental in my life, to cope up with all kinds of situations and solve several problems.

From a very young age I discovered that one of my other great passions was teaching: skill that I have been developing since I began my academic training at the University of Chile. Additionally, I have received training as a Spanish teacher for Foreigners focused on the grammatical aspects of the Spanish language by Rafael Muriel, Teacher of ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera – Spanish as a Foreign Language) and member of the Instituto Cervantes in Granada, Spain.

Over the years, I have come to realize the scope and versatility of online education, thus I want to use it so that my students can experience meaningful and interesting learning that applies to their lives. I believe this can be accomplished through the use of hands-on/minds-on activities, cooperative learning, and an integrated curriculum. That is the conviction that has brought selasorspanish.com to life.

I am a demanding person, very energetic, inquisitive, and enthusiastic, therefore managing my time has been fundamental: I know the difficulties of learning a new language in these busy times (I speak English and Portuguese myself and I am currently resuming my postponed passion: Italian). This is why all the material I have created and the techniques developed for this course are designed to satisfy your personal needs and get your objectives in a simple and effective manner.

Welcome! I am sure we will enjoy this new and enriching challenge together!

“My goal is to provide you with all the necessary resources so that your Spanish learning will be dynamic and meaningful, always adapted to your current situation  for your best comfort. In this way, you will progressively achieve a command of the language that allows you to develop independently in the real world”

Why choose selasorspanish.com?

You will receive an immersion in Spanish from the first class.

Talking will be with a level of difficulty adapted to your current situation and with a standardized accent. In addition you will receive didactic explanations on the difference of the language among the many countries that speak Spanish, depending on your purposes.

Comfort and flexibility.

Versatility of online education will allow you to schedule your sessions at your own pace.

Versatility of online education will allow you to schedule your sessions at your own pace. You can always re-schedule a class 24 hours in advance (read terms and conditions). You can take your class from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Dynamic learning.

We will use pedagogic grammar and practical applications that will lead to experiential and meaningful learning

We will use pedagogic grammar methods and practical applications that will lead you to have a meaningful learning by experiencing the language in useful ways, always applied to your daily life. In this simply way you will achieve your goals, and progressively develop yourself as an independent speaker.

Original and personalized material.

Audiovisual resources and interactive techniques are created and adapted to enjoy your experience even more. If you need to learn Spanish for doing business or negotiating, writing documents, exposing, or traveling, I’ll give you all the necessary tips!


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